As a gluten free person, I’m always looking for a way to eat my favorite comfort food…pizza. I miss pizza so much! It’s my favorite way to make the pain of a bad day go away, or spend time with some loved friends or family. What can’t a good pizza fix? Anyway, here are some of my favorite ways to make homemade pizza, get my pizza fix, all the while staying on my gluten free diet.

Rice Bread

If you don’t mind a pizza that has a thick bread like crust, why not try rice bread? It has a great texture for pizza and is sturdy enough to handle many toppings if you like. With all the rage being “gluten free” you can find rice bread in general grocery stores everywhere too.


Corn Tortillas

Corn tortillas are one of my favorite most regularly used ways of having some gluten free pizza. The only draw back I find with these is you have to put less of your toppings on. You can always cut back but if you’re hungry you may not want to go with these. They are great for a light pizza as a snack though.


Rice Flat Bread

With the flat bread, you not only get a personal sized pizza, but you also get a fairly sturdy platform to place your toppings on. I like to brown these a bit in the oven to make them a bit hard, then take them out and add my toppings. It’s important to get the pizza right back into the oven for the sake of keeping everything crisp so it doesn’t fall apart from moisture.

Gluten Free English Muffins


I love the little pizzas you can make with english muffins. They are easy for my kids to hold and are a fun to decorate with pizza toppings. My gluten free children love putting faces on them with olives and other fun things like sausage. Again, I make these somewhat hard in the toaster first before putting on the toppings for the sake of a good solid foundation for your pizza.