Five Top Reasons Not to Overlook YouTube in Your Social Media Marketing Mix

YouTube has millions of channels, viewers and videos, but it’s still overlooked by many small business marketers. Whether you’re trying to market yourself, your craft, your brand, your business or anything else, online video is arguably the best possible bang for your buck. In fact, if you tailor it right, you actually get paid for it instead of having to pay for market exposure. Think you can’t do YouTube or other types of video marketing? Think again. Here are five reasons why you not only can use YouTube to jump forward in social media marketing, but why you don’t have any excuse not to. These are based on my own 7 years of online marketing experience, as well as research and statistics published by major search engines and trend trackers.


It doesn’t take much more effort than text

Really, it doesn’t. People get freaked out by this concept of video, and suddenly visions of high-tech equipment and film studios start swimming in their heads. Yes, production value is important, but it’s not critical if you have good, helpful content. Definitely plan on upgrading in the future if your YouTube marketing pays off, but even the camera and microphone that are built into your computer will work to get started. Camera shy? Me too, but I started off using screencasts instead of live video, and many people use PowerPoint presentations or something similar for their videos.

Deal with less competition than text media

Despite the billions of video clips on YouTube alone, there’s still a lot less competition – and, therefore, a lot better chance at being seen – than text-based content. Video does take a little more work, and it’s outside a lot of people’s comfort zones. It’s also a lot harder to repurpose, since you can’t scrape and spin video the same way that many less-scrupulous people do with written content.

Get active engagement from visitors

There are hundreds of ways you can get engagement from people through your videos. However, the really unique thing about video as a marketing tool is that the very act of watching it requires active engagement. This is a little different now that Facebook auto-plays video clips as you scroll past, but for most things you do have to actually click to the video and hit “play.” That’s quite a bit more thinking than skimming text while browsing social media updates. You can even use Videos Synd Alpha software to automately rank your videos and get a ton of traffics to your video naturally, get more info at the official site: .

Video gets its own special search section

Ever notice that the search engine results can be divided into media type? Depending on the engine you use, video might even get a thumbnail image on the results page along with the title. As of 2013, YouTube is second only to Facebook in sites visited after a search. Pictures catch attention so much faster than words, especially with today’s mobile formats, fast-paced internet expectations, and constant information bombardment. People just don’t have the time to bother with text, or don’t like to read and would rather get the information in a format that’s closest to face-to-face chat.

You don’t have to ‘toot your own horn’ anymore

Some people will respond to everything you say just because they like you. This is pretty much limited to your immediate family, close friends and significant other. For the rest, status updates like, “I just finished a totally super-awesome project” might get old. Instead, you can post a video that simply says, “Here’s something I’ve been working on recently.” Let them click through and judge its “super-awesome” merits for themselves.

YouTube as a social media marketing tool has a lot more benefits than just these, but they are compelling reasons to just do it. Videos are easy to make and share, YouTube memberships are free, and you can link them to advertising partners or use them in your own website’s sales funnel to earn money on them.

Should Men’s Tennis Players Get Paid More Than the Women?

Last month Gilles Simon infuriated women all over the internet when he made comments that men’s tennis players should get paid more at Grand Slam events than women. Simon commented, “My point was that I have the feeling that men’s tennis is actually more interesting than women’s tennis. As in any business or anything, you just have to be paid just about that. It’s not because we play five sets and they are playing three.”

Without further clarification it is impossible to know whether Simon’s opinion was out of sexism, greed or based completely on good arguments but everybody assumes it is either A or B because they also assume that C isn’t true. Except, it is true.


For somebody that does watch tennis-but also has absolutely no problem with women getting paid as much as men-Simon’s point that men’s tennis is more interesting than women’s tennis is an opinion that is shared by most tennis fans. Not everyone that thinks men’s tennis is more interesting than women’s tennis is automatically a horrible human being that sees women as inferior beings.

Most women making the argument for women’s tennis brought up Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. There is no doubt that Sharapova and Serena are huge stars. Sharapova happens to be one of my favorites and I don’t know anybody that was happier for her French Open win than I was. That being said, Sharapova suffered a serious shoulder injury just a few years ago. Sharapova missed a year and half and even after she came back she wasn’t one hundred percent for a long time.

Sharapova’s French Open victory has probably been the most underrated story of 2012 but the reason it’s such a great story is because Sharapova had little relevance in women’s tennis for a long period of time.


Serena just won Wimbledon but in the last nine Grand Slam events Serena only had two good outings. For those using Sharapova and Serena as examples of why women’s tennis is exciting that argument is invalid. In the last two and a half years there has been little to no Sharapova or Serena. There are some other women’s tennis players that are fun to watch-like Caroline Wozniacki, Victoria Azarenka, Petra Kvitova and others-but women’s tennis has been full of underachieving, inconsistent players and Grand Slam semi-finals filled with players that don’t impress much of anybody.

On the men’s side tennis fans are watching possibly the best trio of men’s tennis players of all-time in Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Andy Murray has a constantly growing fanbase due to his teary not-good-enough speeches after losses at Grand Slam events. Men’s tennis has young, electrifying players like Jo-Wilfried Tsonga waiting to break through. Then there are the American men. Personally I’m not a fan of any of them but they are a draw for the fans that do cheer for players from their home country.

If you need further proof that men’s tennis is more interesting to fans than women’s tennis than look no further than the ratings. The women’s final of Wimbledon-even with Serena-managed a 2.0 rating while the men’s final notched a 2.5 rating. In fact, the Wimbledon final between Federer and Murray was the highest rated tennis match that ESPN has ever aired. Although, that is the highest rated match on ESPN because ESPN does not usually get the Finals of Grand Slams. The men’s Grand Slam event-no matter who it is-regularly gets the same rating. Women’s tennis is fortunate that Serena or Sharpova have been in the last five Grand Slam finals because without either one of them the women’s final would not receive a 2.0.

Simon’s admission that his argument wasn’t because of the number of sets was because that is the argument that most people make. Women play best-of-three sets that last somewhere between one and a half to two and a half hours. Men play best-of-five sets that last somewhere between three hours and five hours.

I’m sure some people will ignore all of the completely logical points that I’ve stated and accuse me of being a sexist even though that isn’t true. As I said at the top of the article, I’m completely fine with the women making as much as the men, but if you don’t think there is a completely valid reason for someone to make the argument that men should be paid more then you’re just not paying attention to tennis very closely.

What to Do Before Having Your Car Repaired

When you go to a shop to have your car repaired, you want the best service possible. The following are some of the things you should do in order to get satisfactory services for your car. Make sure you get a written estimate before you have any work done on your car. The estimate should describe the work to be done, the parts that will be worked on, and a general idea of what the price will be. It is important that the shop completes the work authorized in the estimate unless you approve of the changes. Make sure that you are not signing a blank work order. This is important.


Before going to a repair shop, check to see if they have a valid license. You can do this by calling (800) 952-5210. The records will show the type of work the shop is authorized to do, and will list any disciplinary actions. Find out the type of work the shop is authorized to do. Or you just want to repair your broken garage, you could still dial up your local businessman and wait for the service to be done, you can simple dial up Springfield Mo repair companies to get more clues or advises.

According to “Making Sure Repairs are Done Right, in the Los Angeles Times, Sunday, June 3, 2012, author, Scott Wilson,”You have the legal right to have any parts that are replaced returned to you, as long as you request this before work begins.” In some cases, when parts are replaced under warranty, the shop may have to send the old items to the supplier, but you are entitled to see the part first.

If the work inolves auto body repair, you can get a free state inspection aterward to check if you approve of the work done. You can go to (866) 799-3811 and make arrangements for an inspector to come out. It is important to have an invoice showing the work done. If the inspection reveals a problem, the bureau will contact the repair shop to get the work done properly.

It is important to know that if you have a much older car, you should take it to a shop that is familiar with older cars. When I took my 1971 Dodge to a shop because my brakes went out on me, they were not able to do the job correctly. I still had trouble with my car when I got it back. I was told to go to a garage that does classic cars. I did, and I was pleased with the results. The reason for the better results is that the newer cars are made much differently, and mechanics have to be aware of this change.

The above information are basically California laws. If you live in another state, you may have to contact the Bureau of Automotive Repair of that stste.

Tennis Strategy Tips for the Advanced Doubles Player


The game of tennis becomes more of a battle of strategy than technique once a certain skill level is reached. It is critical for an advanced tennis player to incorporate specific strategies that maximize their strengths while at the same time minimizing their weaknesses. Doubles teams will also have a collective strength and weakness skill set. The following tips should be added to any serious doubles player’s repertoire.


TIP 1: Serve and Volley


At any level, serving is the most important stroke in a tennis player’s game. Now most players can not hit a serve 140 mph; however, speed is not nearly as important as placement is in doubles. Doubles players should be focused on where their serve goes and not how fast it goes. Once a player has command of service placement, they can now and a new wrinkle to their serve, which is the volley. Coming in and charging the net after a well placed served will add more pressure on the returner to hit an effective low return while at the same time protecting their partner. Serving down the middle will allow your partner the opportunity to poach (discussed later in this article), while serving out wide will allow your partner to really hug the line. Another key to an effective serve and volley is developing a solid and consistent half volley. Remember when serving and volleying, you will get passed some. The key is to keep the pressure on and make the returner pass you every time. This is extremely difficult to accomplish. So keep pressing forward!

TIP 2: Chip and Charge


In response to the serve and volley, returners can also add pressure to the server by chipping and charging. To be an effective chipper, a player needs to be sure to practice not only their slices but also moving forward and attacking the serve as it comes into the box. Movement is the key when chipping and charging. Another good tactic when using this play is to chip low and crosscourt. Keeping the ball low will force the server to hit the ball up. This should force a weak and high return, which should allow your partner to pounce and end the point. Chipping the return crosscourt will also keep the server’s partner at home since this is a difficult ball to poach.

TIP 3: Poaching


Poaching is another great tactic for the advanced doubles team to bring into play. The goal here is to get the server’s partner involved in the point immediately so that they can end it. Serving placement is vital for this tactic to work successfully! Letting your partner know where the serve will be placed gives them that extra bit of time to move and intercept a return. Again it is crucial to be committed to this play. Go if you are supposed to go. Any hesitation on the poacher’s part will undoubtedly cost that team the point. This play will also force the returner to mix up their returns and have to thinkmore about their return placement.

TIP 4: Lob Return


Probably the most hated of shots, the lob can be a truly effective weapon in the returner’s arsenal. Hitting a lob on the return of serve is a very effective way to not only stop poaching but it also has the potential to move the net person back to the baseline even before the serve is hit! Any time a player can take their opponent out of their comfort zone, the advantage clearly lies with that player. Practicing the lob is so very important. Remember also that you want this lob to land near the baseline. It is far better to hit this lob long than to leave it short and get your partner killed with the subsequent overhead! This shot is also great to come in behind (only if it is deep lob). If you do charge the net off of this shot, keep in mind not to close in to tight because a lob back will most likely be your opponent’s response.

Practicing and using these tactics are fun and will certainly provide more variety to the advanced tennis player’s doubles game. Don’t be afraid to miss a few shots or get passed a few times. Again tennis is basically a game of statistics. You are playing the odds that you will win more points than you lose. So hit the courts and have fun!

Serving Tips for the Advanced Tennis Player


Once a tennis player reaches the 4.0 and above level, the serve not only becomes a critical part of their game but a weapon as well. At this level, the player needs to have confidence that not only will their serve not hurt them but get them some free points as well. The four major components to a truly effective serve at this level are consistency, accuracy, spin, and power. This article will discuss each of these points as well as providing some helpful tips to master each one.

Consistency is the most important attribute a tennis player can have. Being able to hit any and all shots in on a regular and reliable basis is critical to this game, especially with respect to the serve. By this level, players should be hitting first serves in at approximately 60%. The percentage for good second serves is 90%. A helpful tip to keep in mind is find a power level that you can hit comfortably and maintain these percentages. Which player is more effective, the player that can hit the ball 140mph but only make 3 of 10 in or the player that hits 90mph and makes 7 out of 10 in? Remember the ball has to be in to win.

Accuracy is the second most important attribute of a truly effective serve. A useful tip in developing accuracy on the serve is to now divide the service box into three distinct zones. By using plastic cones or something similar, the player can make two lines extenCrow-Canyon-Country-Club-Danville-CA-tennis-kid-s560x310_singleImageding st servers into each of the three zones, playing close attention to yourfrom the net to the service line to divide the service box into a forehand zone, a center/body zone, and a backhand zone. Practice hitting fir percentages discussed in the consistency section. Then practice hitting second serves into all three zones, again following your consistency percentages.

The next factor to consider is spin. Adding different spins to the serve will add variety to any player’s serve and add an extra dimension as well. There are different types of spin that can be imparted on the serve; generally a slice or topspin is used. It is very important that a player seek the advice and guidance of their local teaching professional when learning to add spin to their service game. One tip that can be used by players to learn topspin is to try serving over the fence. Take a few balls and stand next to the fence that surrounds a tennis court. Be sure to stand back roughly the distance from the baseline to the net. Also be sure to be careful when practicing this. It is very possible and likely that you will serve a ball into one of the fence poles and it will ricochet back at you! Another tip for hitting spin is to take your time and really watch how your serve spins and bounces after you hit it. Knowing how the ball should be bouncing will give you feedback as to whether or not you hit it correctly.

Finally all players, men and women alike, want to hit the ball hard. Remember though that as you add power you also increase the chance of making a mistake. Power should always be the last thing a player adds to any of their shots. Also remember flat serves will travel faster than balls with spin on them. A good way to practice hitting flat serves hard is to serve by standing at the service line. Practice hitting the serve hard and remember that it still must go into the correct service box. Gradually move back towards the baseline all the while hitting hard flat serves. Keep your first serve percentages from the consistency section in mind. Again, it doesn’t matter how hard you can hit if the ball never lands in play.

In conclusion, advance players need to have confidence in their serves, both first and second. Practice is key to developing consistency, accuracy, spin, and power on the serve. At this level, the serve is no longer just to start a point and a player should no longer be happy just to get the serve in. Make you serve, both first and second, a weapon and enjoy the fruits of you labor in the way of tons of free points and victories.